The Campaign Manager is a real time, weekly campaign simulation that will last one year’s time. The commitment is very light on your end. Once per week I will post a form for you to fill out indicating the actions your campaign will be taking to win their party’s nomination.

This will be a playtest of a board game I am making. For participating you will receive awards once I successfully crowdfund it and you will receive credits in the Instruction Manual. I am going to try to keep the instructions to a minimum. The game will not begin until the beginning of 2015.

We will use the lead-up to then to answer questions and help people understand the rules.
I will not be playing. I will be running the game and it is not fair for me to have access to all the data and still run the campaign. You guys would certainly lose.

If you have questions you can leave them here, text me, call me or message me. (773) 358-8854

The Campaign Manager

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